Discover Amazing Arizona

Located at the southern tip of Arizona Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley is surrounded by history, adventure and solitude.

Across a quiet street from the golf course, Turquoise Valley’s RV Park is minutes from Bisbee and just few minutes more to Tombstone, both among Arizona’s most popular tourist destinations.

Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley is less than a mile from the Mexican Border and easy access to Naco, Senora. No long lines at the check point so you can travel freely back and forth for shopping as well as the Dentists.

Other popular drives include the Chircahuas, Coronado Forest, Ramsey Canyon, Carr Canyon, Kartchern Caverns, the San Pedro River, the Folklore Preserve and it’s regular weekend schedule of amazing southwestern cultural music, Whitewater Draw, Sierra Vista and Douglas.

Destination Bisbee

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Located 90 miles southeast of Tucson and nestled among the Mule Mountains, Bisbee is the picturesque county seat of historic Cochise County.

The community was founded in 1880, and quickly became a thriving urban center, driven by a booming mining industry that thrived on the area's rich reserves of copper and precious metals.

Today, Bisbee's extraordinarily well-preserved early-twentieth century downtown draws visitors from around the world, who appreciate its historic architecture, it's welcoming, creative spirit and its cool climate. Bisbee also serves as an ideal overnight home-base for visitors – birders, hikers, wine-tasters, music-appreciators, and others who wish to explore our geologically, biologically and culturally rich "Sky Islands" region.

Come be yourself, be inspired, be refreshed... Come be Bisbee for awhile.